Skomota To Get His Own Reality TV Show

Following his instant shot to fame after he appeared on the B-HIVE Podcast, doors have been opening left, right and center for Skomota. He has been dubbed the most talked about Media Personality.

Skomota has been topping the trends charts everyday for a while now. This has earned him bookings to appear on massive events allover South Africa, confirming that he was not lying when he said that he is allover. One of his latest appearances was at the Maphungubwe Arts Festival where Skomota gave the performance of a lifetime with his exclusive Skomota dance moves.

Skomota also had the pleasure of appearing on stage at the South African Music Awards (SAMAS) alongside Makhadzi. In a nutshell, Skomota is a crowd puller and that is why he is getting more bookings than most celebrities this festive season, the only other celebrity getting as much bookings as Skomota is his friend Shebeshxt.

Skomota has proved that he is able to bring in numbers and this has motivated MojaLove to give Skomota his own show on channel 157. The reality show will give viewers an exclusive look into Skomota's everyday life.

Skomota will have a camera crew following him around to document his daily life. So if you don't have money to buy a ticket to an event Skomota has been booked to near you then worry not, you can watch the whole thing on MojaLove.

According to our source, Skomota will not be expected to change his life or act a certain way when he is on camera, the show is aimed at giving viewers a chance to get to know the man behind the dance.

Skomota has a habit of changing women and this too will be documented on his reality show. It's giving Big Brother Vibes.

Another celebrity who is shooting his own show in 2024 is Dr Malinga, his show comes after Dr Malinga's public outcry for help when he was having financial issues and he was about to lose his house. Dr Malinga got the help he needed and his show will be centered around helping people who need help just as he needed help.